LMP Changelog

0.6.37  •  06/04/2018


### Tenth BETA version of LMP

- Added an admin panel to ban/kick players and run dekessler/nukeksc within KSP
- Fixed several career sync bugs (MalteJanz)
- Fixed the universe converter
- Fixed case sensitive paths for linux (Darklight)
- Added several localization fixes
- Added some interpolation fixes although it's still not 100% completed (check github issues page)

Download version 0.6.37

0.5.36  •  01/04/2018


### Ninth BETA version of LMP

- Added career and science mode support (say thanks to @MalteJanz!) (Funds reverting is not supported)
- Added 1.4.2 compatibility
- New XML format so you will need to clean the server (XML is superior to config node, that's why we use it)
- Fixed EVA file patching by fixing the XPath string
- Added some new part syncs optimizations to reduce lag
- Enforced the no-cheating setting
- Fixed timewarp bug

Download version 0.5.36

0.4.33  •  23/03/2018


### Eighth BETA version of LMP

- New screenshot sharing system
- New craft sharing system
- Lots of UI fixes
- Facilities don't explode randomly
- Several improvements in many systems
- Fixed startup so it shouldn't collide with other mods
- Fixed screen locks and freezes
- Better control over standard KSP behavior
- Cleaner positioning update
- Spectating is a bit more reliable although not 100%
- Fixed flight state system

Download version 0.4.33

0.3.28  •  15/03/2018


### Seventh BETA version of LMP

- Compatible with KSP 1.4.1
- Added a nicer mod control file (check the wiki for instructions on how to use it)
- Simpler chat system
- Other vessels should be really immortal now
- Restored the colliders for other vessels
- Optimizations for server (Warp file and GC mode)
- Added a clear vessels command for server
- Some UI fixes
- Added a "precision ground positioning" setting that uses the orbital parameters, bear in mind it's unstable
- Several fixes for master servers (they now include a generated website)
- Now vessels outside of safety bubble are displayed

Download version 0.3.28

0.2.22  •  02/03/2018


### Sixth BETA version of LMP

- Several fixes for positioning system
- Servers now can be password protected
- Added Dutch and Spanish localization
- Better flight state handling
- Fixed spectating and although it's not 100% stable at least game won't crash
- Now other vessels that are not the ones you have the lock are more "immortal"
- Optimizations for server
- Fixed vessel duplication when reverting to editor
- Fixed perma-docking bug
- Fixed fairing sync
- Fixed the hitchhiker's reference ;)

Download version 0.2.22

0.2.17  •  27/02/2018


### Fifth BETA version of LMP

- Hotfix for master servers display
- Fixes for ModuleWheelBase
- Added chinese, japanese and french localization
- Much nicer server list
- Removed collision detection for other vessels
- Added scenario resource syncing
- Fixed dekessler/nuke server commands
- Better server performance

Spectating is still unstable and may cause bugs

Download version 0.2.17

0.2.16  •  26/02/2018


### Fourth BETA version of LMP

- Fixed a myriad of small bugs
- Simplified the positioning and now we only have 1 that has been quite tested
- Vessels are parsed as XML
- Vessels on the server are kept in memory for a faster performance
- Implemented a better part sync system with customization features (check Wiki)
- Added localization to Russian and German
- Kerbals in EVA should work fine now and not become spaghetti monsters
- Added an updater in case you want to play with latest unstable version

Spectating is still unstable and may cause bugs

Download version 0.2.16

0.1.13  •  13/02/2018


### Third BETA version of LMP

- Reduced the number of position messages when no players are around (should improve server performance)
- Fixed the server freezing by disabling quick edit of the console on windows platform
- Fixed several NRE when receiving messages of deleted vessels
- Now positions are applied in the UPDATE instead of FIXED UPDATE as this reduces the amount of errors
- Parts are first decoupled instead of making them explode when staging
- Reduced the interval of flight state messages

Spectating is still unstable and may cause bugs

Download version 0.1.13

0.1.12  •  10/02/2018


### Second BETA version of LMP (hotfix)

- Fixed docking so a correct network message is sent
- Fixed NRE when removing vessel parts
- Now vessels received with NaN orbits are not rendered
- Fixed default positioning system in the settings

Spectating is still unstable and may cause bugs

Download version 0.1.12

0.1.11  •  09/02/2018


### First BETA version of LMP!

- Better memory management
- 3 modes of positioning (by default the positioning is mixed)
- Tons of small fixes
- Vessels correctly sync with the server, even the debris and the fairings
- First working version (still needs improvement) of the interpolation system
- Better locking system
- Several new debug screens and advanced systems for the debug version

Spectating is still unstable and may cause bugs

Download version 0.1.11

0.0.10  •  27/01/2018


### Sixth (and hopefully last) alpha version of LMP.

- Better memory management
- New serialization system
- 3 modes of positioning (still have to decide the one to keep)
- Tons of small fixes
- There's still an issue with the sync between vessels in the server and the clients. This will be the first thing in the list to solve

Download version 0.0.10

0.0.9  •  12/12/2017


### Fifth alpha version of LMP.

- Made vessel proto messages unreliable and reliable
- Added interpolation for vessel states
- Fixed time sync
- Fixed display of windows
- Allow master servers to host standard servers
- Fixed phantom forces with grounded and packed vessels
- Made master server registration multi threaded
- Fixed nuke command to not remove controlled vessels
- Made kerbal system more stronger
- Fixed statistics

Download version 0.0.9

0.0.8  •  11/12/2017


### Fourth alpha version of LMP.

- Added a system to sync facilities state between clients (if a player destroy/upgrade/repair a building the other players will get that event aswell)
- Removed the vessel reload when spectating and vessel changes situation
- Removed TPL library for better linux support and changed by a custom TPL implementation
- Fixed rotation bug
- Fixed master server auto-updater
- Added webpage example to display servers with JS
- Added several interpolation fixes (still not 100% functional)
- Fixed dependencies
- Fixed debug release so it has the .pdb and .mdb files
- Fixed compatibility with linux

Download version 0.0.8

0.0.7  •  09/12/2017


### Second alpha version of LMP.

Fixes ping, master server and first try of interpolation.
Minor release

Download version 0.0.7

0.0.6  •  09/12/2017


### Second alpha version of LMP.

- Fixed thread sleeps so they are now asynchronous
- Fixed heartbeat interval
- Fixed paths for linux support
- Added flotating point comparison to improve reloading of vessel parts
- Added kerbal syncronization inside a vessel
- Fixed warp rate = 0 detection
- Fixed mutex errors
- Fixed timespans
- Fixed connection/disconnection tree

Download version 0.0.6

0.0.5  •  06/12/2017

First LMP public alpha release. Beware of the bugs!

Download version 0.0.5