LMP Changelog



### Fifth alpha version of LMP.

- Made vessel proto messages unreliable and reliable
- Added interpolation for vessel states
- Fixed time sync
- Fixed display of windows
- Allow master servers to host standard servers
- Fixed phantom forces with grounded and packed vessels
- Made master server registration multi threaded
- Fixed nuke command to not remove controlled vessels
- Made kerbal system more stronger
- Fixed statistics

Download version 0.0.9



### Fourth alpha version of LMP.

- Added a system to sync facilities state between clients (if a player destroy/upgrade/repair a building the other players will get that event aswell)
- Removed the vessel reload when spectating and vessel changes situation
- Removed TPL library for better linux support and changed by a custom TPL implementation
- Fixed rotation bug
- Fixed master server auto-updater
- Added webpage example to display servers with JS
- Added several interpolation fixes (still not 100% functional)
- Fixed dependencies
- Fixed debug release so it has the .pdb and .mdb files
- Fixed compatibility with linux

Download version 0.0.8



### Second alpha version of LMP.

Fixes ping, master server and first try of interpolation.
Minor release

Download version 0.0.7



### Second alpha version of LMP.

- Fixed thread sleeps so they are now asynchronous
- Fixed heartbeat interval
- Fixed paths for linux support
- Added flotating point comparison to improve reloading of vessel parts
- Added kerbal syncronization inside a vessel
- Fixed warp rate = 0 detection
- Fixed mutex errors
- Fixed timespans
- Fixed connection/disconnection tree

Download version 0.0.6


First LMP public alpha release. Beware of the bugs!

Download version 0.0.5