Lock System

The idea of the lock system is to have a list of wich vessels are controled by some player and wich vessels are being updated by some other player. There are 4 lock types. -Asteroid -Spectator -Control -Update Asteroid Lock: The player that has this lock is the one in charge of spawning asteroids Spectator Lock: This lock keeps track of which players are spectating and what vessels are the ones they are looking at. Update Lock: Once a player has this lock on a given vessel, he will be in charge of sending it's position and definition (parts and so on) to the server. A player will try to acquire this lock once he approaches an uncontrolled vessel and that vessel is loaded into the game. Once he depart and that vessel is unloaded, he will release the update lock. Control Lock: This lock defines what vessels are controlled by a player. If you own the control lock of a vessel and you are actively controlling it, you also own the update lock of that vessel.