How to play with LMP

When you install LMP mod correctly (Info here LMP Installation) and start KSP, you should see a new window in the main menu. We recomend to set up your username first, because you will be recognized by it on the servers. By clicking add, you can add servers manually, name them and set IP adress and port. Better way to connect to servers is by clicking servers. Here you can see all running servers with information about their settings. Options button let you set up name color, keybinding, basic settings and other mods control. Interpolation is in testing phase and it can cause serious issues, we recomend to set it off. You can also generate universe world for server by button. You have to place this universe into server folder. Mod control - By generating blacklist or whitelist file you will save all modules, parts and plugins into the file. This file should be then placed into server folder. File won't permit mods other than your to be used on the server.